Travertino Toscano Cooperative

Travertino Toscano is located near Rapolano Terme in the heart of the Crete Senesi. With his ancient querries, from more than half a century works and represents, the higher level and the tradition of this prestigious stone.

The perfection of this material, geologically, but we like to think, also aesthetically, is provided by the action of the secular and vital element par excellence: water. The qualities of purity and authenticity seem to be naturally transmigrated from one element to another. The Tuscan travertine is not only a limestone deposit but is the cradle of the  history of building.

The Tuscan travertine comes from history to make history: actually, this limestone, a perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity, has allowed and still allows the creativity of architects and designers to conceive achievements of absolute value. From the Etruscan and Roman monuments linearity to the hyperbolic imagination of the Manhattan skyscrapers the main theme is always the Tuscan travertine synonymous of glamor, elegance, simplicity and versatility that ennobles the art of building.

Travertino Toscano manages to use and enhance the quality of this noble material so versatile yet durable, resulting in high-quality finishes. This is the result of the symbiosis between history and craft, far from any mechanical or commercial repetition: the skilled hands of the artisans are able to add beauty to the natural grace.

In addition to standard production, Travertino Toscano realizes, for specific customer requirements, products and tailored coverings with different types of finishes.